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2016-04-21 | jlbworks


Ways to Extend Your Phone Battery Life – Nashville, TN

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have to make a really important call, but your cell phone dies?

It’s quite a hassle to carry cell phone chargers everywhere you go and even if you have it, there’s still the task of finding the outlet to plug it in. So, to save you some frustration, and lost talk time, we’ve compiled 9 basic tips on how to extend your cell phone, iPhone or smartphone battery life, to make your life a little easier.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.: All smartphones have built in hardware radios. If and when you’re not using them turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS etc. This will allow your phone to preserve battery for a longer period of time, because hardware radios, GPS especially, consume a lot of battery power.
  2. Reduce email and Facebook usage: Phone batteries usually die quickly due to excessive use of Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail etc. The less you use your phone for these activities, the longer your cell phone battery will survive.
  3. See what applications consume the most battery: Go to your settings and see what applications are using the most battery and then proceed with shutting them off. If it’s an app that you hardly ever use, or maybe a game that consumes too much battery, then you might consider turning it off.
  4. Battery power saver mode: If you know you’re in for a long day and won’t have a chance to recharge your cell phone, try putting it on battery saver mode. It might slow down the functions of the phone, but it will definitely allow your phone to work for a much longer period of time.
  5. Turn down brightness: This is an easy adjustment. The brighter your cell phone is, the more battery it will consume. Reduce the brightness.
  6. Don’t overcharge your phone: People tend to plug in their phones overnight so that it is fully charged in the morning. This can actually damage your phone battery, as each battery comes with a set number of life cycles. A good rule of thumb is to let your phone drain all the way down, or at least until 10%, before charging it. Don’t overcharge your phone and unplug it as soon as it is charged.
  7. Constantly update your apps: To keep the phone running and functioning properly, keep your apps up to date. Check your apps to make sure you are running the latest versions.
  8. Turn off vibrate: Vibration mode takes up more battery. If you are unable to live without your phone vibration all the time, when you notice your battery getting low and you still have a ways to go before your next charge, turn your vibration off at 20% or 10% to give you that last boost of life on your device.
  9. Get rid of live wallpapers and widgets: Get rid of these extra accessories like live wallpapers and widgets that you don’t use. This will definitely help you save a lot of battery life.