How to Save a Wet Cell Phone – Cell Phone Repair Nashville, TN

2016-06-14 | Jen

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Wet Cell Phone Repair Nashville, TN

Cell phone repair experts in Nashville say to avoid water damage, start by removing your cell phone from the water immediately.

Remove the phone battery if you can. Some smartphones, such as the iPhone, don’t allow the battery to be removed, so at least turn your cell phone power off.

Resist turning your cell phone back on or plugging it in, which can ruin internal components and destroy the phone.

Despite its popularity as a wet-device cure, placing your cell phone in a bag of uncooked rice may dry it out but won’t always be enough to fix the phone since minerals in the water can dry and potentially react with materials inside the phone.

Bring the cell phone, iPhone, or smartphone to our Nashville, TN phone repair shop within a day or two, so we can take it apart, dry everything inside, clean off minerals that could cause corrosion and replace any parts that no longer work. LifeLine Repairs for Mac repair, iPad, tablet, PC, LCD, cell phone screen repair and refurbished phones.