Nashville – Have You Heard that Apple is Taking away the iPhone’s Headphone Jack?

2016-06-14 | Jen

iPhone News

Here’s what Future Owners of the iPhone 7 might be Getting.

There’s still several months left before the release of Apple’s latest version of their flagship smartphone and it’s already shaking the Earth. One of the topics that are making the ground rumble these days is the rumor the gadget giant is saying “bye-bye” to the headphone jack.

Kind of weird, don’t you think? Considering a huge part of the iPhone’s success is how people love using it to listen to music, you’d be baffled up to your wits if this were true.

But you shouldn’t join in the hoopla. Why? Because the guys at apple aren’t stupid. A kind of move like this only means the geniuses at Apple are up to something. And you know what? We have the info on what it is;

An article published by Chris Smith of BGR has stated, “Apple is apparently studying headphones that would connect to a device using both a wired and a wireless system. The system consists of a pair of EarPod-like earbuds that appear similar to what’s currently found in an iPhone retail box. However, these earbuds can be detached from the cable that’s connecting them to an iPhone via a MagSafe-like port.”
Here’s the image an Apple insider has allowed to leak out that has caused both excitement and concern among iPhone enthusiasts:

The design isn’t set in stone yet and Apple is still deciding whether they will push through with it or not.

As Chris Smith puts it, “That way, users can opt to use the earphones by connecting to a device wirelessly via Bluetooth or using the regular port. This new technology is described in U.S. Patent No. 9,277,309, called Detachable wireless listening device.”

The Apple insider actually didn’t explicitly say this schematic reflects the iPhone 7 or if the new model will not have a headphone. However, if speculations are correct about the iPhone 7 missing a headphone jack, this headphone model would be a fitting replacement to the ones we are used to.