Tablets are going to get lesser love this year

2016-06-14 | Jen

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Nashville, TN – The tablet going to get lesser love this year – 2-in-1s are likely to get more attention

One of America’s biggest market research, analysis and advisory firm, IDC, is projecting a major decline in demand for the tablet in 2016. However, the tablet’s closes cousin, the convertible, is very likely to get more attention than in previous years. IDC figures are showing the number of units that will be shipped this year will fall to less than 2 million, an almost 6% slump from the previous year.

But this doesn’t mean the defeat of the tablet entirely because IDC foresees the 2-in-1, those laptops that have monitors that can be detached to turned them into a tablet, otherwise known as “detachables” will most likely take up almost a third of the market in 2020, which is a huge leap from 2015’s 8%. The number of units they predict will be sold at the last year of the decade will be more than 60 million compared to last year’s 16 million. The main driver of such growth is their increasing attention from businesses.

Microsoft’s Surface 2-in-1 has somewhat proven IDC’s point with their January sales rising to 50% compared to the same month last year.

Everyone will be in on the action

Earlier reports point out other companies will be grabbing a piece of the cooking pie. Asus, for example, will be focusing their attention on pushing detachables this year.

IDC is actually being proactive in this trend they are foreseeing. Jean Philippe Bouchard, Research Director, Tablets, mentioned, “At the latest Mobile World Congress, we saw new entrants, like Alcatel and Huawei, coming from the mobile space and expanding their portfolio to address this demand for detachables. Everyone in the industry recognizes that traditional personal computers like desktops and notebooks will potentially be replaced by detachables in the coming years and this is why we will see a lot of new products being introduced this year.”

IDC also feels this trend will mark increased interest in larger slates, which will therefore benefit Microsoft’s Windows tablets, but place Android-powered tablets in shaky territory.

Ryan Reith, Program Director with IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Device Trackers, mentioned in an interview, “Windows 10 seems to be making headway in both the PC and tablet markets, mainly driven by devices with larger screen sizes. Despite the free licensing on products under 9-inches the growth for Windows-based tablets will be primarily on devices with displays between 9 and 13-inches.”

Here’s one thing we know: There is a clear distinction between tablets and PCs. But at the same time, it is easy to imagine how the two can marry and turn into one beautiful gadget. Are detachables the coupling of this dream gadget? Very likely, but not certain yet. But a 2-in-1 does add more value to a single purchase. So it really is very likely that IDC’s forecasts will happen.