How to Save a Wet Cell Phone – Cell Phone Repair Nashville, TN

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Wet Cell Phone Repair Nashville, TN Cell phone repair experts in Nashville say to avoid water damage, start by removing your cell phone from the water immediately. Remove the phone battery if you can. Some smartphones, such as the iPhone, don’t allow the battery to be removed, so at least turn your cell phone power […]

2016-06-14 | Jen

Nashville – Have You Heard that Apple is Taking away the iPhone’s Headphone Jack?

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Here’s what Future Owners of the iPhone 7 might be Getting. There’s still several months left before the release of Apple’s latest version of their flagship smartphone and it’s already shaking the Earth. One of the topics that are making the ground rumble these days is the rumor the gadget giant is saying “bye-bye” to [...]

| Jen

Tablets are going to get lesser love this year

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Nashville, TN – The tablet going to get lesser love this year – 2-in-1s are likely to get more attention One of America’s biggest market research, analysis and advisory firm, IDC, is projecting a major decline in demand for the tablet in 2016. However, the tablet’s closes cousin, the convertible, is very likely to get more attention […]

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Don’t Fix Your Cracked iPhone Yourself – iPhone Repair Nashville

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iPhone Screen Replacement Nashville, TN - Don’t Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen On Your Own     Whether you purchased your iPhone yourself or you received it as a gift, there are few things that can make your heart sink as quickly as dropping it. Picking it up to discover a cracked iPhone screen can fill you [...]

2016-05-02 | jlbworks

Phone Repair Nashville – Battery Life – Extend the Life


Ways to Extend Your Phone Battery Life – Nashville, TN   Have you ever been in a situation where you have to make a really important call, but your cell phone dies? It’s quite a hassle to carry cell phone chargers everywhere you go and even if you have it, there’s still the task of finding the […]

2016-04-21 | jlbworks

I Broke My iPhone – iPhone Repair Nashville, TN – Cell Phone Repair

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Let LifeLine Repairs in Nashville help you LifeLine Repairs in Nashville, TN (Hillwood Center) offers iPhone and cell phone repair plus we can repair your tablet, iPad, smartphone, Mac or PC. LifeLine Repairs experts can run diagnostics on your broken device, remove viruses from your PC or replace your shattered screen.

2016-04-15 | Jen

Phone Repair Yourself – Nashville TN

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LifeLine Phone Repairs Can Help – Cell Phone Repair Nashville, TN Some users of modern technology have technical or repair skills and experience. Many of them are aware that replacement parts for the smartphone, tablet and PC can be found online, often for cheap prices. So are there any reasons you shouldn’t purchase your own parts and/or […]

2016-04-05 | jlbworks

What About the iPhone SE – iPhone Repair Nashville, TN

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iPhone SE Specs – Nashville, TN The iPhone SE is rumored to be the next Apple cell phone – smartphone, probably announced on March 21, 2016 at Apple’s press conference. Details on how to view that are towards the bottom. The iPhone SE will be a smaller frame like the iPhone 5s, but contain more […]

2016-03-21 | jlbworks

HTC Phone Protection – Repair

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While we cannot work on most HTC phones due to the copper meshing on the inside of most of their phones, we recommend using HTC’s UH OH protection plan. Simply call HTC and let them know of any screen or water damage and they are able to replace the phone for you for free. If […]

2016-01-08 | jlbworks

iPhone WiFi Speed Test – Nashville, TN

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iPhone 6s WiFi Speed Comparison Test vs iPhones 6, 5s, 5, 4s Found this interesting info on the iPhone and thought we would share it on our Nashville, TN phone repair blog. For this comparison test the brand new iPhone 6s was pitted against the 6, 5s, 5, 4s. The Ookla SpeedTest app was used on WiFi. […]

2016-01-03 | jlbworks